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The American Professional Palmistry Association is a membership of students and professionals schooled in and dedicated to the ancient art of Hand Analysis and Palmistry respecting it in a professional manner. Since its beginnings in 1996 this association has accumulated an impressive number of members from all around the world as well as the United States of America. Although it was titled the "American" Professional Palmistry Association - the APPA has a large membership of people from off the continent who are practicing the art of palmistry as certified professionals within the accepted guidelines of the organization in their respective countries and geographical regions around the world.

The APPA is careful about whom is embraced within its membership. We believe that when a person reads hands they are dedicated to the uplifting inspiration and enhancement of the well-being of the client. We are dedicated to giving factual, helpful information to the client with emphasis upon the hopeful future through analysis of their hands.

Both hands are read in their entirety no matter what their gender. The backs, palms, fingers, dermal patterns, nails, knuckles, plus the flexure lines and mounts of the palms are all observed for symbols, traits and signatures for a thorough reading of the hands. The APPA palmist helps the client to identify their personally unique abilities and to better understand their own personality (even its hidden qualities) enabling the client to use this knowledge for creating a happier and fuller life.

The APPA palmist is trained to render both spiritual and earthly practical information to their client through the reading of hands. They are able to do a reading for an overview evaluation of the client's personal abilities for vocational choice purposes, an extensive health reading, a psychic/predictive reading, and/or a spiritual reading with emphasis upon past life research, identifying soul lessons and karmas important to this lifetime, plus detecting any spirit guide helper or angelic presence information which can be found and interpreted in hands.

The APPA was founded by Angela M. Mattey for enhancing both the scientific and spiritual aspects of the art of hand reading (Palmistry) with the intention of bringing together a brotherhood/sisterhood of palmists who embody a professional and positive approach to doing hand readings thus establishing a standard for the positive ethics of the psychic palmists who gather under this organization's name.