Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 101
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

When I read hands, I use both Palmistry and Hand Analysis because united they work towards a complete picture story of the person, who they are, their talents and their potential future. Hand Analysis makes me aware of the personís personality, potential and talents. Palmistry allows me to use my intuition to predict from these potentials. I have read thousands of hands in sixteen years and always find it interesting and fun.

In order to read someoneís hands accurately you must find three aspects in the hands that repeat the same quality to conclude it is a fact. Always remember this, because it is the sign of a novice hand reader to tell someone a "fact" from seeing only one aspect in the hand. Always consider both hands. The dominant hand, being right-handed or left-handed is the hand of the conscious mind. The non-dominant hand is the record of the unconscious mind, the soul record from past lives and the inherited attributes from this lifeís ancestors. When there are differences in how these hands look, it means the soul set up a pathway before this life and the conscious mind had to adapt or restructure that blueprint after birth. Sometimes this is very positive. The differences in the hands show the personal growth we achieve in this lifetime as seen by the soul. This is a very interesting part of hand reading to note because we are so often aware of our failures and give to little notice to our successes. (To learn more about hand dominancy and it's role in doing a palm reading - you can purchase lesson # 1 of the APPA Program - just click here for more information.)

I enjoy reading childrenís hands (Those that are 8 years or older.) because it helps their parents to understand their personality and prevalent talents. However adults are great fun because they have already gone through some of lifeís circumstances which the palmist / hand analyst can read which helps the person to know the palmist is "tuned in" opening their mind to information about their future potential.

I would like to share some facts with you that will not only help you know and understand yourself but others you know and work with as well. Itís fun to watch hands!

The size of a normal hand is the size of the space from the tip of your chin to above your eyebrows and half the way to your hair line. If you place the bottom edge of your palm on the bottom edge of your chin and lay your hand upward over your face towards your eyebrow area, you can measure the size of your hand easily. If your hand measures so that the fingertips end  just to  touch  your eyebrows your hand is small. If it reaches all the way to your hair line or higher, then your hand  is definitely large. Now look at your fingers. Measure your middle finger. If that length is measured on your palm, from the very base of it upwards, and the fingers length is shorter than your palm by more than a 1/2", you have short fingers. If your finger length is the same as your palm length or more, you have long fingers. Of course anything in between is average length fingers.

If you have small hands you can see the big picture of any situation. You would make a good manager as you see the whole picture, you are ambitious and are a "go-getter with good reasoning powers , however you do not like all the details of paper work. If your hand is average length then you are a good mediator with a lot of common sense and a healthy imagination with a good chance of completing your goals. If your hands are large you are versatile, you can deal with many goals simultaneously. You are broadminded, have many talents and love details. If your fingers are short you can be self-conscious, quick-minded, listen to your "gut feelings" and you must be careful of "Foot-in-mouth" disease. If your fingers are average in length you have a sense of balance about your duties and services, are warm and sympathetic towards others, and have a sense of security with a self confidence that allows you to reach your potential. If your fingers are long you are very responsible towards others, plan things carefully (sometimes too much so), are analytical and love system and order.

Look at your thumb. When you pull it in flat to sit next to your index finger it should measure at least half way up your first phalange up from your palm on your index finger. If your thumb is shorter than this it is considered short and if it reaches higher upwards on your index finger it is considered long. A person with a long thumb is very intelligent and has a lot of inner strength and drive. If you have a short thumb you can be indecisive and sentimental and ruled by instinct. If you have an average thumb length you are basically good with decisions and listen to your intuition.

Fun Predictive Palmistry Fact: If you follow along the thumb base where it meets your hand and travel along down to where the last phalange of the thumb meets at your wrist, look for tiny Xís in your palm there. The number of those Xís, if they are present in your palm at that area, show your number of inheritances or times you will win money in this life.

Watch for my many updates of the newsletter to learn more about your hand and palmistry.

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