Angela's  Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 112
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises


The following is the Pair of the most popularly asked questions presented since edition 111 of the newsletter.
It has been some time since I have written and posted a new newsletter.  We sold our cattle ranch in Colorado where the bald eagles nested and moved to Oregon where we are developing our new and way smaller ranch for ourselves with a few animals. This location will be called the Wild Rose ranch since it is in the heart of Wild Rose country. It is by the famous Rogue River which flows to the Pacific Ocean an hour and a half away so we still see our friends the Bald Eagles fly over the land plus we have an abundance of wildlife since we are located by a forested Government reserve for wildlife. I have been busy with clients who pay for readings to a great degree lately so my time to donate to the newsletter giving out free information is less. I appreciate your readership and thank you for your patience.

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QUESTION # 1. Does a short life line mean I will have a short life?  Toni S. of Michigan, USA
Toni, I see this question in at least once or more a week in all of the e-mail that comes form this web site. Some people actually tell me that a palmist some where at one time told them they would die soon if their life line was short. Wow, I am so frustrated with that! First of all no one can predict your death! No One!!!! One's death is agreed upon by the soul and God and is not recorded in the hand. This agreement is set up according to lessons learned and the likelihood of the soul being able to learn more through the present body and this particular personality.

I had one very dedicated palmistry instructor who was deeply curious about this idea of life lie length and life time length. She finally imposed upon a friend who was a Dr. of medicine who worked in a morgue. She asked him if she could come to the morgue and look at the hands of the dead who were in his work area for the day. What she discovered was that people who were older - say 70 years or more - had life lines of varying lengths. There was one lady who died at 83 who had a rather short lifeline. There were two teenage and one 20 year-old bodies present which showed different lengths of life lines too. One male had a short life line but the other two younger people had long life lines on their palms.

So rest assured there is no correlation to the length of a life line and the length of life one will live.

The truth is that the depth of a life line can tell the palmist that the owner has energy - a nice strong life force energy. By depth I mean the amount of indentation the line has into the palm's surface. On some people's palms the line is deeply carved into their palm. The deeper depth of a life line can indicate a survivor mentality and the ability to live a longer life just through positive attitude and the robust physical energy they inherited and maintain. It can also mean that the owner of a deeper life line does the right things for his own body and health which could mean any practice from meditation, a special dietary conscience to lots of  physical exercise.

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QUESTION # 2. I have a line of Simian on both of my palms what does that mean?  (B.Campbel  Ohio, USA ) Every week I receive at least 2 -3 questions concerning the line of Simian. In order to see what the line of Simian looks like go to Palmistry Hand Analysis Newsletter 105 - Click Here.
A decade ago the Line of Simian was less common for a palmist to see in palms. You might find one hand had it while the other had a head and heart line showing. However lately it seems the Line of Simian is in more individual's hands. Also I am finding it to show up in both hands of the same individual.

This line certainly has receive some negative statements about its meaning in the past. In some palmistry books it can be associated with less intelligence and some negative personality traits. I have done more research lately on those who have this line. From what I have observed - and I have observed quite a few people with this line to a great extent - I find that these individuals are intense and very dedicated to their purpose. Their ability to focus upon their current duty or creative project is awesome. They have great follow through because of this ability to focus their energy on the goal at hand.

I have also noted that these people need to be out in nature. They need a good amount of their time of each day outdoors. I am curious if they are in some way related to the nature beings in spirit. Maybe they have had many past lives working with nature and nature beings for a purpose of study or income. I see that they often have special gifts with animals and plants. They are wonderful with animals because of a special deep level of love and understanding they empath for the animal kingdom.

We are definitely seeing more palms with the line of simian present. I have decided it might be a message to the person from their soul to set aside time to be outdoors and to be with nature for personal health, happiness and comfort. We live in a technically and urban oriented world in which we as humans forget our body and soul's deep tie to nature for nourishment. Maybe the presence of this line is to remind the owner of this need for them selves and for all of humanity.

I have seen Line of Simian people do great things in a community such as have a special piece of land dedicated as a public park. I also know one lady who has land set aside as a protectorate for Wolves.

I place a special sensitivity to nature, animals and to other with the line of Simian.

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My wish is that you use the knowledge of hands to better understand and love others and yourself for who they and you are.  Wishing you happy hands that are greeting new  and old friends and witnessing good times.
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